in it but not of it

Sexy Eyes - Dr. Hook

The funniest smizing ever.Β 

Tip on how to entertain yourself: Read everything in an accent (preferably, in your head). 
Was ordering le prata at le shop and oh my this was already written in a perfect thick accent! So y’all πŸ’£
#thisprataisbeingmuchparadise #ayamverylikingthisprata
"Carve upon my heart, the truth that sets me free" 
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0.5 X 23

It’s a time through which I feel compressed. Am wondering how I can paint my dreams across this reality that I’m breathing. Am learning too that my dreams do not come into fruition by a mere drop into my hands… It’s something I have to work hard and pursue and chase and fight for. Something that my passivity might have an issue with. So here I am choosing not to give up before I’ve even started and here I am telling myself that I trust in His will for my life.Β 

Stardust - Willie NelsonΒ 

Wildflower - Skylark

Flower power in Chinatown! A sight for sore eyes 🌻🌻🌻
Enjoying the colours of my plum. Or is it prune? 🍏
#everydaybeauty #nofilter
Had a really cool time with Jeriel’s chameleon today. It’s so fascinating! Loved seeing it move along the branch and look at me through the corner of its eye. And its colours are so beautiful! Very very cool 
#naturelover #nofilter #Godscreationisawesome
Me is impressed by the new Nutella packaging! It’s so big though I think it could be heavier than a puppy. On a side note, was feeling quite patriotic singing along to One Peepur One Nation One Singapore at NTUC, doing a Lion King and lifting my Nutella up to the skies… but then it got cut off for some random 70s song?!? Like hello you juz killed ma vibe man πŸ™

(Am trudging on.)
Purple bunny spotted leaving wall
Taking a walk in the very manicured Tampines Central Park this morning. With Christmas songs and the smell of proud fresh laundry everywhere to accompany me πŸŒΏπŸƒ

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